University of Perugia

  • Project Supervision
  • Development of an accurate SRWPS. Features: ring sized, 6DoF, sub centimeter accuracy, scalable, wireless powered;
  • Development of a robust realtime 3D hand pose estimation algorithm from the available measurements.

University of Brescia

  • In cooperation with Perugia, design of a data glove integrating an accurate SRWPS and possible bent sensors, inertial sensors, and evaluation of the self-sustainability of the wearable system adopting power harvesting techniques;
  • Development of the data glove with the identified specificities and integration of the SRWPS;
  • In cooperation with Cassino RU, testing of the manufactured data glove.

University of Cassino

  • Experimental characterization and testing of developed systems in controlled EM environment;
  • Design, testing and improvements of accurate positioning solutions for biomedical applications.


Paolo Carbone – Project Coordinator, University of Perugia, Full Professor

Mauro Serpelloni – University of Brescia, Associate Professor

Luigi Ferrigno – University of Cassino, Associate Professor