New article on Measurements Models for Magnetic Positioning

Comparison of Measurement Models for 3D Magnetic Localization and Tracking

Guido De Angelis, Alessio De Angelis, Antonio Moschitta and Paolo Carbone

Sensors 2017, 17(11), 2527


In this paper, we consider magnetic positioning and tracking of objects and provide a comparison of the characteristics of two major measurement models: the magnetic dipole model and the mutual inductance model. The numerical results obtained by applying these models to a short-range position measurement application, with a maximum operating distance of approximately 50 cm, are compared. Based on the results of this comparison, a prototype 9-sensor array is developed, experimental tests are performed, and extensive measurement results are presented. Outcomes show the feasibility of tracking the position and orientation of a mobile coil in real time with a median positioning error below 1 cm and a worst-case error of about 2 cm and 11 degrees inside a spatial region of 30 × 30 × 30 cm3 operational volume.

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